2 Best Cheap Tablet Under $200

While you use your phone to communicate and act also for your entertainment, some people need tablet to support their work. Some people also use tablet to play game since the monitor or display is wider than others. However, if you still want to save your money more, you need to search for the best cheap tablet with great technology so all your jobs will be done perfectly and also you just need to check out for the display size as you wanted.

Best Cheap Tablet in 2018 to Support Your Work

In 2018, there are so many recommendations for you related to the best cheap tablet and you just need to see the specification first before buying it such as:

  • Samsung Galaxy Tab A
image source: samsung.com

Who doesn’t want to have Samsung because this is one of the trusted companies in the world and the tablets are not lesser than its phones. The screen display is 8-inch and it has Wi-Fi to accompany you everywhere with internet connection. It has 32GB for the storage to save more files for your work. It has the latest android system and Google operating system. You will also access Google Play Music and YouTube Red. The body is made of plastic and it looks good yet fashionable. Though it has wide screen, the weight is so light and also thin. It is completed with single speaker. If you want to have it for playing game, then you can get Adreno 308 graphics that can handle all types of game offered by Play Store. You can have the personal voice assistant called Bixby special for Samsung that can help you if you talk with voice commands.

  • Asus Zenpad S8
asus zenpad s8
image source: theverge.com

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If you want to search for the budget tablet with android system, then you can choose Asus. This tablet is so accessible and also enjoyable to use. The design is so stylish and the performance is beyond imagination. It is so affordable and you just need to spend less than $200 and many people compare this to iPad Mini but it is cheaper. If you spend the same amount, you just get iPad Mini 2 but with old technology but if you use that money to buy Asus, then you can get the latest technology ever. It has great compliment with 32 GB as the internal memory. This tablet has Android 5.0 and also 2GB RAM which are more than enough for users. It has speaker in the front facing with camera. You can use this tablet for supporting your work if you want to use it for working.

Just choose your best cheap tablet under 200 dollars with great technology that will support your activities as well as your entertainment too.

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