3 Best Cheap Smartphone References in 2018

Since the technology inside phone is now increasing more and more, there are many advanced phones with high price. Not all people can follow the update phone and not all of them can get the latest phone which is smart and good. However, the advanced technology can be found inside the best cheap smartphone. You don’t need to spend much money anymore if you want to have smartphone that can support and help your activity.

Best Cheap Smartphone with Great Technology

If you really want to get the latest technology inside your phone, then you just need to see the references of best cheap smarphone to give you the right direction in choosing one such as:

  • Xiaomi Mi A1
xiaomi mi a1
image source: kompas.com

Xiaomi can break the domination of Samsung and also iPhone because they can serve the affordable phone with similar technology like others. Xiaomi Mi A1 has 64GB for the storage to keep any file you want with 4G RAM to support all your activities without running out of space. This phone has the latest technology of Snapdragon 625 using 5.5 inch of the display. It has Android One so it gives the clean UI just like Pixel. This phone has Nougat android system but the Oreo version will be coming soon. The camera is 12 MP with dual camera and this is the cheap phone in 2018.

  • EE Hawk
ee hawk
image source: expertreviews.co.uk

If you don’t want to spend much money more than 150 pounds, then EE can be the great choice for you. The 5-inch display for the screen is completed with 720p and it has signal system of 4G CAT 6 support and it is locked to EE. Though it is affordable, the design is made of metal and the system inside this phone is MediaTek CPU wit 2GB RAM. The internal storage will be 16GB but there is microSD slot as the addition if you want to put the memory card for more storage to keep file. The camera is 13 MP to get the best shot with HDR resolution to give you clear and colorful shot.

  • Vodafone Smart Ultra 7
vodafone smart ultra 7
image source: v3.co.uk

Just spend money around 135 pounds, you can get the best technology ever from Vodafone. You will get the perfect size of 5.5 inch display with huge size of battery that can make you use the phone longer with 2,950 mAh. The technology inside is MediaTek CPU and it is paired with 2GB.RAM to support the usage of phone. The main camera is 13MP and another one is 8MP so it can support the photography activities especially if you like doing selfie with clear result shot.

Those are best cheap smartphone references in 2018 that you need to know if you want to have one of them with great technology inside to help you in doing your activities easily.

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