Ace Rent a Car Reviews

Ace Rent a Car Reviews

ACE Rent a Car is just one of the smallest firms we evaluated. It only has 59 locations, so it’s a lot less easily accessible than Enterprise or Hertz. ACE has great prices, with the third least expensive ordinary costs.

To compare rental car prices, we took a look at how much it costs to book one-day and also one-week rentals. We priced leasings a number of weeks before the reservation day. We noticed that attempting to publication next-day rentals often caused higher expenses. ACE gave us low prices for each type of car, comparing well with several of one of the most inexpensive rental firms. If you want to add a chauffeur to your rental, ACE costs $10 a day, which is amongst the lowest of the rental firms we examined.

It’s cost-free to enroll in ACE’s rental car benefits program. Its Rental Genius program is just one of the least outstanding we’ve seen. It provides points for each buck spent, however, ACE does not enable the indicate be redeemed free of cost services. It has a list of rewards, ranging from gift cards to electronics like Xboxes, that you can redeem your factors for.

ACE’s Rental Genius does not have an expedited solution line or drop-off choice, something other benefits programs include. It is among the much more limited benefits programs we examined.

With just 59 locations in the UNITED STATE, ACE is the smallest rental firm we evaluated. It’s also the only company that isn’t owned by Business, Avis or Hertz, so if you value a more independent company, it’s worth taking a look at.

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There are drawbacks to being small though. All the places go to airport terminals, so your services will have extra charges. Since it only operates at airport terminals, it doesn’t have a home pick-up choice. Also, smaller rental companies are most likely to run low on automobiles and also can sell out if you don’t book far enough ahead of time. With a smaller inventory, ACE doesn’t provide any electric cars.

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